Welcome to Voltseon!

Voltseon is an Indie Game studio and a content creator.

Who am I?

Voltseon drawn by himself.

My name is Voltseon, a 19 year old Game Developer / Content creator.
I'm known as a Spriter and a Programmer, mostly for Pokémon Fangame Projects.

I'm from the Netherlands and am half Dutch, half Somali. English is a second language I learned from gaming, the internet, movies and communcating with other people.

I go to University and study Computer Science. I started going to University in Summer 2020.

I graduated highschool with a Senior General Secondary Education (HAVO) degree in summer 2020.

Since 2015 I've been interested in game development and programming, so I'm doing my best to make it a career.

I've got experience in JavaScript, C# (Unity) and Ruby. I also have a lot of experience with graphic design, mainly pixel art such as sprite work.

I mainly create Indie Fangames, you can check them out over at My Products. On top of that I also do sprite work, I program and go to University.

The games I'd love to make are games that can be enjoyed by everyone around the world. I try to look at aspects that people tend to enjoy in games and exploit them in order to make healthy but addicting games.

In the future I expect to have graduated University with a degree in Game Development and to have an actual running Indie Studio. I'd love to release my own games and make a living out of it. Along with that I'd be creating videos about the game making process and help other people create amazing games too.

I try to achieve this by streaming more on my twitch, and by improving my game development skills mainly through game jams.

What do I do?

A laptop, not even mine.

Where can you find me?

Cute lil' kitty cat :)

You can check out my socials on my Socials page if you want to reach out to me through there (yes I have a discord).

If you want to contact me directly you can head over to the Contact page and start writing an email to me.

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